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Oct 11, 2021

Jonathon has spent his life and career living in various parts of the world and building businesses that help grow through practical product-led growth. He shares amazing insights and some actionable steps folks can use in growing their ability to do better demos.

A demo is a product story
Demos are an intimate moment

Oct 4, 2021

Daniel understands how marketing ops and sales have more in common than most people think. He shares his knowledge with us on a variety of topics

How soon should you hire marketing ops in your organization?
Where do I find a marketing ops person?
Key components of defining marketing ops. 
Where should the CRO come from,...

Oct 4, 2021

Use sponsor dollars to drive membership costs down not up
Sponsors who flourish think long term not near-term conversions
Why he thinks there's a "little bit of Hollywood in SaaS"
Why he thinks nobody wants to go back to the office full-time
Learning through osmosis is lazy sales leadership

Oct 4, 2021

Volume is about time reduction
5 Step Sales Process: Fear - Trust - Curiosity - Commitment - Action
Why a dial shouldn't be considered a "step"
What professional gambling taught him about selling
How to combat the relentlessness and loneliness of remote work

Sep 27, 2021

Justin is a sales savant who can explain the complex in simple ways. He shared some amazing insights that all Sales Leaders need to know about building their revenue organization for 2022

When hiring, how do you find grit? What do "good communication skills" really mean?
How to win the Recruiting War for 2022
6 levels...