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Feb 27, 2020

Fired from his first sales job selling shoes for insubordination, David has weaved himself into the very fabric of SaaS sales and founded one of the most influential sales conferences dedicated to Sales Development. 

In this episode with David, we cover a lot of ground and it's full of hilarious anecdotes and stories from how exactly he got fired as a shoe salesman to why he isn't "very good at working with Methheads." Looking for substance instead of humor? Don't worry.

In this episode you will learn from David:

1. What is the pipeline to target ratio he believes SDR teams should aim for.
2. What ACV is required for SDR teams to become essential to a sales orgs success.
3. Why doubling down on what you're good at is step one to proper delegation.
4. A new phrase - "Uniqueability" - what it is and how to reveal it.
5. Why he started the Tenbound conference despite being advised not to.