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May 4, 2020

Costas has run sales teams in North America, the UK and SE Asia, originally hailing from Greece while now living in the UK. To say he has a good grasp of global selling and recruiting practices would be an understatement. He was also the one who came up with the Transatlantic Takedown idea. He is passionate about coaching, training and developing his team members; and you will hear him drop pearls of wisdom throughout this episode. Some highlights are:

  1. The joy in hearing from old colleagues and the impact you've made 
  2. Why he asks himself "would I hire this person at HQ?" before every satellite hire
  3. How process helps you develop people and why caring for your people matters now more than ever
  4. The time he was somebody 1 phone call when they found themselves in some trouble
  5. If you want to know who to hire - look for somebody who is Smart, Coachable, Curious and Optimistic.