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Dec 30, 2020

A fun look back at the 200 episodes we released for Surf and Sales.

We could not have done 200 episodes if it were not for everyone who is willing to listen, our guests who came on and of course to all our sponsors this year Findem, Lead411, Perception Predict,, and Vidyard. 

Exciting news coming in 2021

Jul 30, 2020

What does a kid do during a global pandemic do when he gets bored. Start a business of course. 

In this episode, we interview a young man who did just that. He created to help kids, parents, and World Central Kitchen. 

Riley shares:

Creating a business

Creating a process

What part the process he...

Jul 20, 2020

This is an episode of MillennialX Coffee Talk. It's a conversation about the American Judicial System with a public defender of 35+ years experience making sure people get fair trials. 

Listen to this discussion to learn more about how jury trials are not really "of your peers".  What kinds of legislation is necessary...

Jul 13, 2020

Austin has cracked the code on getting deeper into the interview process and shares his unconventional methods with us. Check out this episode and learn about the following: 

Yes, build a deck to send as part of your interview process
Treating your job hunt as a sales process
Understanding their needs to add value

Jul 13, 2020

How to have a genuine sales conversation that benefits both parties.

What it's like to start a new job and one week later a pandemic occurs.

What it's like being a sales rep for a professional sports team (NY Mets)

What do you do when your competitor is WAAAY better than your product?