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Jun 28, 2021

One of the most interesting topics we all know but never discuss. Navigating a personal relationship with a co-worker. Not the whole episode, but definitely something that is rarely discussed.  We did discuss it and a whole bunch more. 
The value of telling a story for your career growth.
Vertical Specific SaaS...

Jun 21, 2021

Negotiating with procurement is often one of the dark holes in the abyss at the bottom of the deepest ocean of the sales process. We brought the former SVP/General Manager, Global Business Development at American Express and former VP of Global Sales at Eventbrite to share real-world strategies to help you see them...

Jun 21, 2021

RevOps is the NKTOB and its influence for improving revenue growth cannot be ignored. Robb from Heyday shares his insights on what it really means to build a successful machine.

3 Keys to RevOps Systems / Process / Data
The next evolution of Revenue Operations
What's a proper spend per rep on the sales stack
What to...

Jun 14, 2021

A long-time friend and first-time guest on the Surf and Sales podcast. He's gone from VP of Sales to CRO and shares his insights.

Figuring it out how to scale
The biggest mistakes new CRO's make when coming in
How to build cross-functional relationships in your CRO role
How to learn marketing when you have a sales...

Jun 14, 2021

Francois was side hustling before it was ever such a thing. Check out his insights on these topics and more

Should you double down on career or start side hustle
Don't confuse inbound interest with purchasing intent
Should inbound and outbound be compensated differently
Who handles inbound, experienced or new...