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Jan 22, 2024

You've got 3 seconds to capture someone's attention. What do you do? Stephanie Zielinski answers all the questions you wanted to know. 

She's also an event specialist too and shares the best practices between in person and virtual events. 

Oh, and she was also a teacher in the public school world and provides the best...

Jan 15, 2024

Caleb Smith joins us on the Surf and Sales podcast and discusses topics around revenue, compensation, and equity including the idea of Phantom Stock, the adjustment from a slow sales cycle to a fast cycle, and an interesting concept of choose your own compensation plan.

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Jan 15, 2024

Shredder! Chet Lovegren joins us on the Surf and Sales podcast to discuss the future of sales. 

  • What are the other things in Sales AI helps with?
  • Empathy does not mean lack of accountability. 
  • AI will make lazy people lazier, top sellers win

Big props to Hubspot for making us a part of the Hubspot Podcasting...