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Sep 27, 2021

Justin is a sales savant who can explain the complex in simple ways. He shared some amazing insights that all Sales Leaders need to know about building their revenue organization for 2022

When hiring, how do you find grit? What do "good communication skills" really mean?
How to win the Recruiting War for 2022
6 levels...

Sep 27, 2021

After a few successful exits, Andy has no desire to slow down. He shares some amazing insights on growing your company from early stage to exit, including:

Is it a disadvantage to being a non-technical founder?
Best advice to scaling at Series A, B, and onward
Don't be afraid to overpay for a new hire in the early...

Sep 20, 2021

Steve shares his personal journey through addiction to business leader. He shares amazing insights on all levels including: 

Being a non-sucky company is harder than you think
The discipline for getting great and not being distracted
The key is consistency
Growth is not the problem, control is the problem
Measuring for...

Sep 20, 2021

Heather started from not just humble beginnings, but as she says, "poor".  And she's used that to drive her own successes. The advice she gives is AMAZING!

We can do hard things
How to teach confidence
How to find your passion and purpose

Make sure you know you're in a growth industry
Move fast, break things, and...

Sep 13, 2021

Howard breaks down the concepts of AI in sales in the simplest and easiest conversation to date. We are getting there, but we aren't there yet. Learn about the following from Howard:

How AI will augment us, not hurt us
What AI in sales won't replace
Own your failures will help you grow.
Why passion matters more than...