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May 18, 2020

Brian Smith Jr. is a man who has overcome more than most. But he is also human and knows what its like to ride the highs and lows of sales. This is a portrait of a salesman who is fighting his way out of a slump, burnout, and rejection. We've all been there - and its an important subject to cover. Brian talks candidly about:

  1. Considering quitting sales when the highs were not high enough
  2. Why a supportive partner is key to pushing forward 
  3. The demoralizing effect of b.s. KPI goals
  4. Failure tells you what you need to look out for and work on
  5. The differences between SDR/AE/Channel/Leadership and why SDR is the toughest role he has ever had
  6. Why diversity matters and how he has been affected by it
  7. How finding patterns and identifying attributes has helped him get back on the horse